Dress up your homes for the holiday season ahead

Holiday season is fast approaching and so is the time to give your home a festive look and make it guest ready! At Gator Blinds, we’ve got you covered. By making a few changes in the current setting, you can achieve an inviting home that is ready to welcome the guest over. We share the decor ideas with you here. 

Throw Pillows – Prepping up for Thanksgiving and busy cooking the turkey and baking cookies, when will you have the time to decorate your home? This may be the last thing on your mind. A quick way is to add colorful festive throw pillows, they’re an instant and budget friendly makeover. You can shop for them online, find them in stores or supermarkets. They’re all dressed up in festive spirits and ready to brighten up any room in your house.

Draperies – Colorful draperies bring an element of fun and holiday cheer. They are available in prints, patterns, bold and neutral. Draperies and the accessories like valances, cornices all are a great way to enhance the home décor and on a budget. Visit our store or call us home and explore our product line of draperies and accessories.

Wood Blinds – Nothing can beat the warmth and classic appeal of the Wood blinds. The rich earthy tones and wood finishes enhance the existing décor beauty. The functionality of wood blinds are ready to floor the holiday guests arriving soon. 

Roller Shades for kitchen – Let your kitchen grab all the attention from your holiday guests. Dress them with roller shades. Choose from contemporary, prints, patterns, textures, and fabric options. Our collection will surely surprise you and inspire you to find the perfect match for your kitchen.

Cellular Shades for Dining Room – Cellular shades look modern and contemporary. Their honeycomb construction of the cells keeps air from escaping or entering the dining room, helping you maintain the right temperature.  You can choose from a wide range of opacity levels and control the natural light that enters in. 

Do these holiday season makeover ideas inspire you? We hope you’ll find some ideas for your home. For more information on our other window treatments, you can schedule a free in-home consultation with our experts or drop-in to our showroom near you.

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