Styles of Window Blinds to Increase Comfort in your Home

“Window treatments work wonders when it comes to creating an everlasting impression on the guests”, window covering experts at Gator blinds are of the view. It’s therefore time to stand up, look around your space and get the old window coverings replaced for better window treatments that lend character to your space. Window blinds as per experts definitely present a wiser option than curtain or drapery.

The basics need to be understood first before making up your minds. What are blinds? A hard window treatment constructed usually from slats and vanes and not fabric and that could be adjusted manually or cordless, or machine operated. You can adjust blinds as per you, choose them to stay closed tightly and you could get complete privacy and tilt open so that you could enjoy just the right amount of light coming in. For complete outside view, pull them and stack up on the top.

Did you know that the slat size you choose for your blinds can help you complement the decor? If you choose ½ inch size, it will go well with contemporary feel. You can however order 1 inch or 2 inch slat for creating an old fashioned look. Then comes the choice between horizontal blinds and vertical blinds. Horizontal blinds well can be used for any window while vertical blinds fit wide windows, sliding patio doors.

As per white lilac cleaning experts at Gator blinds, some people are interested in painting the blinds to color coordinate with the existing room scheme. Well, if that is the case, you should be sure that the same color scheme would remain for a long time. An intelligent option would be though to color coordinate with accessories like cushions, wall accents and other decorative accessories.

Top down or bottom up approach? Or a mix of both? Well, take into consideration privacy and light issues. Real wood blinds or Faux wood ones? For a rich authentic feel, well nothing can beat the beauty of real wood blinds. However, if budget is a constraint, faux wood blinds make a great deal. Moreover, they offer a couple of advantages – installing them in high moisture areas like kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. And if you paint them with grain effects, nobody would be able to tell that you have faux wood blinds in place.

Woven wood blinds are gaining popularity experts say but they are actually shades. However, being made from hard materials like bamboo, hemp, jute, reed etc, they are seen as blinds only. They bring a character to the room and well they are eco friendly too. country, modern, vintage – they go well with any and all kinds of decor.

So, well if blinds are the choice , you will find blinds in plethora of styles and varied cost range. Also, you would not mind paying extra if you know that your blinds come from a country that regulates lead content – a potential health hazard. So, the crux is: invest wise when you are buying blinds.

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