Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Window Shades

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The first and the foremost, blinds and shades may look same but they are different. Unlike blinds that are made from different horizontal and vertical slats, shades are crafted out of one piece of material. You can adjust them up and down, but well, you cannot move them side to side,

Roman Shades
A traditional window covering made from materials like jute, seagrass etc., roman shades Orlando are available in plenty of colours and textures. A roman shade is raised and it stacks up at the top once it is opened. They do offer a timeless look. However, they do block a viewable portion when they are raised. You can opt for both lined and unlined options. Option gives you an extra layer suited for insulation.

Roller Shades
You can roll roller shades Orlando up or down as you desire and enjoy an unobstructed clear outside view. Made from synthetic or natural materials, they like roman shades are available in variety of materials, colours and fabrics. Thermal or blackout lining will help you manage light and privacy your way.

Solar Shades
They are quite similar to roller shades, the main objective is to reduce the sun glare and prevent the harmful UV rays from entering in and damaging the furnishing and other furniture items. They are suited for rooms that receive much sunlight.

Pleated Shades
The material is pleated in an accordion like fold just matching the look in case of venetian blinds. However, it creates a soft look. unlike blinds, pleated shades cannot be moved side to side and paper or fabric either is used in its making.

Cellular Shades
Though they look like pleated shades but they are made from two different pieces of material unlike pleated shades that make use of only one piece. It carries a pocket like look due to front and back sections are open in the middle. This helps in providing insulation. They come in different cell sizes for different sized windows. They keep up the room cool in summer while trapping the heat in winters to stay warm.

Tie Up Shades
When you want the look of curtain but functionality of curtain, go for tie up shades. These shades are generally made from fabric and when raised, they roll up like roller shades and stack at the top of window. They easily blend up with the existing decor and offer a casual look.

Woven Wood Shades
Woven wood shades Orlando are made from natural woods, bamboo and so lend a natural earthy feel to the decor. They add dimension to the space and create a sleek look, thanks to the accordion folds. They are 100% recyclable and hence an eco friendly option.

Still confused, well, you can call upon gator blinds and learn more about the window treatment. With our free in-home expert consultation, you can choose the window coverings for your space conveniently.

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