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Ways to insulate your Orlando home this winter

Winter is ringing in, is your house ready? Here are ways you can insulate your Orlando home this winter so you’re ready to enjoy winters the best possible way. 

Reduce Drafts

Keep your energy bills down, fix drafty areas in your room. This will make sure your home stays cool during summer and cozy in the winter. You can reduce drafts by:

  • Weatherproofing kits – These are available in grocery stores. They contain the instructions on how to cut the film, where to place the tape, and shrink the tape. This reduces heat loss. Yet more and more Orlando homeowners find these traditional sealing kits difficult to manage. If this is a challenge for you, AluCore Poly Shutters® by Gator blinds is a better solution.


Made from fine quality solid poly materials, AluCore Poly shutters are the most energy efficient window treatments you can invest in for your Orlando home. Aluminum inserts provide added strength and rigidity. Composite wood or regular Poly shutters come in louver width of 28”, AluCore Poly Shutters can have a panel width up to 36”. 

They are super-efficient – insulate 70% better than wood shutter and 1600% better than aluminum shutters. UV resistant, Fire resistant, Moisture and humidity resistant, bacteria resistant and hypoallergenic. This is what makes AluCore Poly shutters the preferred solution for window insulation. We also would suggest you to hire maids from professional mulberry maids services 

Fix the water leakage

Clean your gutters so that water can flow through them. Keep your pipes warm since frozen pipes can leak into your house.  Consult a professional about insulating water pipes. 

Home inspection before winters

Yearly inspection of your HVAC and water heater in your home can ensure energy efficiency. Chimney inspection can ensure that your fireplace works its best. 

These ways can ensure your house stays energy efficient and safe every winter looking more for coping with love addiction withdrawal. If you’re looking for home improvement, our experts can help with window treatments such as shutters, blinds and draperies. Schedule a free in-home consultation

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