Window Shutters: Perfect as a Window Treatment

Are you bored of your regular curtains and blinds? Are you looking to add something new to your home windows? Plantation shutters can give your windows a new look while also offering more benefits than your regular window treatment.

Plantation shutters can be inside or outside mount. You cannot raise or lower them; they have slats which can be tilted depending on the level of light and privacy you want. They are more expensive than other window treatments, the benefits of plantation shutters outweigh the costs.

What can you expect from plantation shutters?

We all love privacy!

Blinds shades and curtains do provide privacy but only when they are closed. Installing plantation shutters will not deprive your home of natural light but you enjoy greater control. The slats can be tilted to your desired angle to let light in while maintaining privacy and saving you from your neighbor’s prying eyes.

You can achieve complete blackout by completely closing the slats when you feel like taking an afternoon nap.

Lower energy bills

Plantation shutters can keep your home cool in summer and cozy and warm in winters. They are excellent insulators. The shutters deflect sunlight and so your AC does not work hard and increase your energy bill.

No sunlight fading or discoloration

Harsh sun rays can play havoc for your floor and furnishings. Exposure for a prolonged time can cause permanent damage. But if you invest in plantation shutters especially when you live in sunshine state like Florida, will increase the life of your floor and furnishing.

Increase resale value of your home

Some homeowners consider investing in plantation shutters to increase resale value of their homes. Also, these shutters are timeless and so versatile, they set in any decor without making much of the effort. So, if you are a homeowner who is looking for upgrading your home and want to save on energy bills, you can consider buying plantation shutters. They are definitely a perfect window treatment.

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